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Estate Planning & Probate


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Thinking about your estate plan should occur long before you are lying on your deathbed. A properly drafted Will and/or Trust will ensure that your final wishes are met and your loved ones receive the specific bequests you have designated for them. The sooner you have an estate plan in place, the sooner you can rest easier knowing that you are prepared for the inevitable. Probate is the process of administering an estate whereby a court oversees the distribution of assets left by a deceased person. I can effectively and efficiently assist you during this difficult time.

You should also consider a review of your estate plan with every life changing event: the birth of a child, the birth of a grandchild, changing jobs, the loss of a spouse, divorce, second marriage, the start of a business, and the sale of a business are just a few opportunities that would prompt an estate plan review.

Additional documents you should also have drafted include:

  • Healthcare Power of Attorney – a document that allows for someone to speak to medical professionals (in the event you are unable to do so) regarding your healthcare and treatment options.
  • Living Will – a document that clarifies your wishes for end of life care when you are unable to communicate these on your own.
  • Power of Attorney – A document that allows another individual designated as your Attorney-in-Fact to act on your behalf. There are various versions of the Power of Attorney document: Durable/Non-durable; Springing; and Limited.

Contact me to arrange an appointment to discuss your specific needs and draft the correct documents for your particular situation. I will also be happy to review your existing documents to ensure that they are update and address all of your concerns.